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Follow the Tipsy College Student Rule: Find Your Social Voice

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That’s advice from Josh Haynam (@Jhaynam) in his recent post on developing an effective social voice.

There’s a lot of noise on the social channels, and as NPOs/CHIs we need to find a way to use our social media updates – our social voice – to be informative and get our stakeholder’s attention. How do we do that?

By tapping into our innate quirky, funny, human-ness.

It sounds counter-productive. And scary!

Mission statements and mission reporting are formal, and they need to be. I wouldn’t support an NPO who hadn’t seriously considered their goals and methods, would you? But we can become more ourselves and really share the joy we feel as we carry out our daily activities and projects.

We do this by being sympathetic, telling stories that resonate or are humorous, and keeping our posts and updates simple and uncomplicated.

So – dare to be silly, brilliant, passionate. It’s who we are. And what we do.

While I don’t think Josh meant we should throw common sense (and grammar!) out the window, I do think he was pointing us towards posting from a more relaxed, more “personal” place.

Share jokes or memes, post funny videos, ask silly questions – play a little or a lot!

Let your guard down, and invite stakeholders to connect with your mission, and with you.


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