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Content Creation: Is the 90-9-1 rule (finally) dead?

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In the olden days (2006) data revealed that only 1 person in any group of 100 was actually an online content creator.

In that group, there were 9 occasional social posters and 90 who were happy to just “lurk” at the edges, without interacting.

This model emerged as the accepted rule of thumb and was based in part on upload/download rates from the then-nascent YouTube.

In those days, the rule discouraged many from developing online communities – really, why bother? Only a small proportion of community members engaged with content in any meaningful way.

Well, we all grew up a little – and so did the interwebs.

By 2011, the rule had changed. Paul Schneider readdressed the issue by looking at a random selection of his firm’s clients. He suggested a more accurate rule was 70-20-10: a whopping ten out of each 100 people was an active creator.

And then we grew up, again. And discovered #selfies and pins.

Twitter’s user base surged through 2014, Snapchat snagged the kids beginning in 2012, LinkedIn was re-vamped in 2012 and in 2011, we all joined Pinterest. Right? It’s PINTEREST.

Now, I imagine that this triangle has changed shape. Or maybe it has completely inverted.

Anyone got data?


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