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Yes, They Can Take it with Them: Your Social Media, that is.

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Social media and other tech platforms have blasted the world wide open, and forever changed the way most of us interact with … well, everything.

We took our first tentative steps on Facebook, and floated up our personal status updates and reconnected with old friends. We quickly realized that we didn’t need to be computer-science whizzes (even though some of us are!) in order to share stories, photos and news.

And then the first brilliant person used a social platform to tell the story of their non-profit and its mission. And the crowd listened, looked, and replicated: by 2014, 48% of surveyed non-profits understood that “going social” is crucial to their mission.

But here’s the surprise: 67% of non-profits have NO documented social media strategy. And almost half reported that their social channels are monitored by one staff person.

That’s a losing formula – if that employee/volunteer exits the scene, so does your social media plan!

Yes, they can take it with them.

Your mission, outreach, org awareness, attendance, revenue are all positively impacted by the flow of social media. Make it harder to disrupt the flow, and invest the time in a written strategy.

A written strategy benefits the stability of organization, much like a written mission statement. Gather the staff together, grab some snacks, and hammer it out: investigate and establish the editorial tone, determine the editorial calendar, identify the KPIs, perform a content audit. Assign roles, and identify key metrics.

Plan on reviewing this document annually, at least. As the social platforms change, you might have to adjust or re-align.

And then nail it to the door.


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